Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Opening blog message

Dear reader,

This is the first post to my weblog.
I want to briefly explain what the point of this blog is.
I am a researcher in eLearning at

I have worked in other areas of research before, but e-Learning is a new field for me. That is why I decided to take a course, and I stumbled on Elise, a European project testing eLearning for in-service training of teachers.
One of the courses that was developed in Elise was an online course on e-learning offered by the post-graduate teacher training centre at our University.

During this course, I learned about the existence of Weblogs, and decided that
"I needed to get one of those for myself too."

Why did I set up a weblog for myself - you may ask?

Well, my memory has not been very good of late, and I meet with incredibly many new ideas and concepts in the course of this job, that I need a tool to support "ze little grrey cells".

My intention with this blog is therefore to
Attempt to record my experiences with and new knowledge of eLearning.

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