Sunday, July 31, 2005

Awouters - Teaching and Learning with ICT

Valère Awouters, one of Flanders's most distinguished experts in e-learning and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's) - and a nice colleague as well - was kind enough to provide us with an electronic version of the dissertation for his "M.Sc. in e-Learning, Multimedia & Consultancy" from the Sheffield Hallam University (UK). The English version of the work is called Teaching and Learning with ICT, the Dutch version is called "Digitale didactiek". His dissertation contains - next to an interesting theoretical chapter - an interesting case study from a VLE implementation in an institute of higher education. He draws some quite interesting lessons for general practice.

The dissertation also resulted in a book "Digitale didactiek", co-authored with Jan Schuer and published by De Boeck (ISBN 9045514052).

I can especially relate to some of the conclusions that Valere draws at the end of his theoretical chapter, when describing his view on The Way forward".

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