Monday, December 03, 2007

Naymz - Spock - and others

Upon returning from Berlin, I found that I had added quite a few contacts on my LinkedIn list, but also that I had received invitations from some of my contacts for directory and reputation services that I had not previously heard of, such as Naymz or Spock.
  • The former - Naymz - appears to be a tool for creating / managing / updating your online reputation. If you have a large enough network of contacts and recommendations, you can update your status to Premium, and thus get a free top listing on Google searches. I'm not quite sure about this thing, though. It sounds like a modern way of collecting addresses and other marketing information. I did some checking on Technorati and, but found no negative reviews, so why not?
  • The latter - Spock - is not quite as slick as the previous one. It is known as 'yet another search engine', but it does more than that, as Tim O'Reilly notes. It is in fact more of a Web2.0 search engine, than Google is. Thanks to Clo for inviting me.
The issue becomes more and more: are we not drowning in the amount of social networking tools?

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