Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Big Ask - Cyberpower for the environment?

As a dedicated environmentalist, I hope that actions such as The Big Ask (UK - BE) may help to wake (especially our Belgian) politicians up, and get them to act.
Can you imagine that no politician was willing to participate in a radio debate this morning to answer some of Nic Balthazar's questions, while they spent hours debating the non-endorsement of three French-speaking mayors in Brussels? Setting priorities straight?

Why does this message appear in a blog about educational technology?
  1. The Obama campaign illustrated the power of viral campaigns on the Web to mobilise voters. I wonder whether education might benefit from this mobilising potential?
  2. Can the use of web technology support more environmentally-friendly education? Is distance education a sustainable alternative?
  3. CELSTEC - my department at the OUNL, formerly known as OTEC - is performing an experiment on distance working. For instance, can the use of technology prevent me from having to drive 130 km every day to work - and still allow me to get the same results in my work?
But most of all, because I strongly support the initiative, and want to contribute to it through my blog.

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