Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Work based learning study amongst stakeholders

One of the papers in this morning's proceedings session focused on technology-supported work based learning from the university of Northumbria. The authors did a multiple case study of MSc and BSc programs delivered online to full-time employees.
The main findings that I picked up from interviews and questionnaires amongst the main stakeholders:
  • Teachers are more negative about VLE and other technologies than students.
  • Employer expectations of HE institution do not fit, and vice versa.
  • Role of mentors at employer side is crucial.
  • Get all stakeholders involved in the initial negociation about the learning contract.
Worthwhile reading, although it could use some more reference to existing research on online / distance delivery.

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Anonymous said...

Being one of the authors, really appreciate Stievie's interest on our paper and comments.
I also do appreciate that we could have had more references about online delivery but with the limitations of word count for the paper we had to limit it.

I would like to know your personal research interests as well please.