Friday, November 16, 2007

OUNL Learning and Working environment (Final)

Don't misunderstand the title of this post: the final word has not yet been said about the OUNL PLWE (personal learning and working environment). There will be many more meetings like this - maybe not always ending with a beer ;-)
The meeting ended on a very positive note, with all participants congratulating Kathleen and Rob - the initiators of the Dagstuhl conference - on the positive and open atmosphere that they succeeded in creating. The atmosphere was indeed very good and productive. In the morning plenary session both subgroups presented the work that they had done during the Wednesday and Thursday sessions. It was quite amazing to see how much can be achieved in a week!
After the coffee break we split up in two groups again, and our group went to a room with a very nice stove (see pic) to develop a first implementation plan for the service that we had chosen to develop as a first.
Then after our final lunch - the food at Dagstuhl is of quite good quality, by the way - we had a final plenary to decide on the internal communication strategy to follow in relation to the outcomes of the Dagstuhl conference, and to evaluate the conference progress and outcomes. Everyone was very pleased (as I mentioned before), and there are plans for a quick follow-up at the start of January, in order to keep the momentum. I found out that this kind of top management meetings is very rare at the OUNL - the previous one was estimated to have taken place some decades ago ;-). It was suggested that this kind of plenary management meeting about strategic directions might need to be repeated every second year or so.

As to the near future: next week Tuesday the University Board will be hearing Rob's report on the outcomes and will be asked to decide on the principles of the new direction, and to take actions to warrant the continuation of the work that we started in the past week.

Henry and I will be working together with Kathleen and Rob to finalise the report of the conference and to discuss the next steps for our elo2b project.

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