Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Impressions from my first ALT Conference

Instead of taking the nap that I should be taking (considering that I have only slept 4 hours for the past 2 nights), I thought I'd write a short blog entry with some impressions of my first ever attendance at an ALT-Conference.

Lunch with @timbuckteeth @Emmadw and @kathrinder #altc2010 on Twitpic
Lunch with @kathrinder @timbuckteeth and Emmadw on Day 1 of #ALTC2010
  1. Firstly, I've finally met - in the flesh - some of the tweeps that I feel I've known for ages.
  2. Secondly, I find the Twitter backchannel increasingly important at a conference. For instance, it allowed me to deduce that @daveowhite's talk - that I didn't attend - should have been the opening keynote. I also got to know new tweeps through the backchannel - and made a separate Twitter list for them. It's s become a crucial instrument in my networking at a conference.
  3. The Crowdvine social application that ALT uses for planning the conference and getting to know people is definitely an asset. I found out that some old friends (Sally) and colleagues (Judith) were also attending the conference, and was able to arrange a meet even before getting my hands on the list of attendants.
  4. Oh yes, remind me never to stay at a Hall of Residence again. Cheap, but bleak and depressing and the atmosphere of a prison.
That's all for now (too tired). I'll report on the things I learned at a later stage.

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